Sr. R&D Engineer/R&D Engineer
Position :  

Shanghai、San Jose

Count: 2-3

We are looking for successful candidates to be a senior technical leader in multiple area of EDA product development including circuit simulation, digital simulation, cell characterization, DTCO, parasitic extraction, STA/SSTA and physical design (DRC/LVS). This individual will be responsible for leading and helping us define the product architecture and designing highly efficient data structures and algorithms, and a commitment to deliver top quality production software which exceeds customer expectations.

This role calls for an experienced and highly skilled software developer that understands how to analyze EDA tool and flow problems, and works with key customers as well as cutting edge industry partners to define and propose novel solutions for the areas of applications listed above.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the development and testing of features and performance improvement in EDA software applications in one of following area: development including circuit simulation, digital simulation, cell characterization, DTCO, parasitic extraction, STA/SSTA and physical design (DRC/LVS).
  • Responsible for the customer support of related products



  •  Bachelor degree or above, major in microelectronics, mathematics, electronic engineering, computer or related, at least 3 years working experience
  •  Familiar with common algorithms and data structure
  •  Experience in one of major software development language including C/C++, Python or JAVA, experience in multi-thread and multi-process programming
  •  Experience in distributed computing related projects is preferred
  •  Master the basic theory of microelectronic devices and integrated circuits, EDA especially simulation software development or project experience is preferred.