Primarius and Jedat Support Ariake National College Efficient Analog Circuit Design with NanoSpice™ Simulator


Primarius Technologies today announced that its NanoSpice™ high-performance parallel SPICE simulator is now supported by the IC Lab which has been established by Ariake National College and Jedat for efficient analog circuit design and education. This represets another example of collaboration between industry and vocational schools and universities.

The IC Lab has three specialists in electronic circuits, and EDA capability that includes both circuit design expertise and EDA tool customization ability (programming). In addition to utilizing Jedat's EDA tools for analog circuit design, this IC Lab is collaborating with Primarius Technologies to provide NanoSpice™,  featuring a precision analog circuit SPICE engine.

As a new generation high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator, NanoSpice™ is designed for the most challenging simulation jobs, such as large post-layout analog circuit simulations that require high capacity, high speed, and high accuracy all at the same time. Its superior parallelization technologies enable efficient circuit simulation with up to 50 million circuit elements.

NanoSpice™ works smoothly with Jedat's EDA tools for analog circuit design, accelerating analog circuit research at IC Lab and at the same enabling analog designers to be trained at the level required by the industry.