A New Breakthrough in Fast Pulse Testing Primarius, Together with Peking University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Releases the FS-Pro PIV Kit


Primarius announced the official release of FS-Pro HP-FWGMK, a new generation of high-precision and fast waveform generation and measurement kit jointly developed with the School of Integrated Circuits of Peking University and the participating of the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University. FS-Pro HP-FWGMK expands the functionality of the Primarius semiconductor parameter test system FS-Pro infast pulse testing (PIV).

The application of new materials, new device structures and new process techniques may all bring unknown challenges to technology development at advanced nodes. Device engineers and researchers should not only pay attention to precise static current and voltage characteristics, but also expect to be able to observe subtle and fast dynamic behavior. At the same time, as the semiconductor feature size continues to decrease, some phenomena, such as the BTI effect of MOS devices, need to be observed in a very short period of time - which makes fast pulse testing necessary.

The latest generation of high-precision fast waveform generation and measurement kit FS-Pro HP-FWGMK was jointly developed by Academician Huang Ru's teams at Peking University and Shanghai Jiaotong University with Primarius. As the forerunner of fast pulse IV (PIV) testing technology, the teams have mastered a complete set of fast pulse generation, measurement and analysis techniques after more than ten years of dedicated efforts. Primarius continues to conduct its world-class development efforts based on the guidance that it has provided, including test methods, circuit prototypes, program frameworks, layout designs, and PIV applications. This allows Primarius to meet the high gain and high bandwidth requirements, while effectively suppressing the nonlinear distortion of the amplifier circuit, and ultimately achieving a high-precision measurement with a minimum pulse width of 130ns.

With the addition of fast pulse IV (PIV) technology, the Primarius semiconductor parameter test system FS-Pro has become even more powerful. The FS-Pro test system can now perform the measurement of all low-frequency characteristics of most semiconductor device types. Comprehensive and powerful parametric test and analysis capabilities of FS-Pro have greatly accelerated the research, development, and evaluation tasks for semiconductor devices and processes, and can be seamlessly integrated with the Primarius 9812 series low-frequency noise test system. Its fast DC test capability further improves the noise test efficiency of the 9812 series of products. Based on its excellent performance in production line testing and scientific research applications, FS-Pro's comprehensive testing capabilities have received widespread attention and recognition in scientific research and academic circles. It has been selected by dozens of universities and scientific research institutions, and has also been adopted by many leading chip design companies, foundries and IDM companies worldwide.

Dr. Yang Lianfeng, President and Chief Operating Officer of Primarius, said, We are honored to cooperate with Academician Huang Ru's teams at Peking University and Shanghai Jiaotong University to jointly develop leading-edge testing instruments to meet the advanced research and technology development needs. It also enriches the existing technologies and solutions to enable Primarius to create a complete suite of manufacturing EDA.

For more information about the semiconductor parameter test system -- FS-Pro, please visit https://www.primarius-tech.com/products/FS-Pro