All-In-One Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer


FS-Pro Series is the industry’s All-In-One Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer, effectively integrating high precision IV (current-voltage), CV (capacitance-voltage) and 1/f low frequency noise test in one single box. FS-Pro is driven by machine learning algorithms, greatly enhancing the measurement efficiency while still maintaining the accuracy. The recent seamless integration of FS-Pro to 9812DX system has made both systems faster and more powerful.


FS-Pro has a wide range of applications on semiconductor devices, LED materials, two-dimensional materials, nanomaterials and novel devices. Build-in software has hundreds of presets and friendly GUI which offers a plug and play using experience.

It has been adopted not only by leading design companies, foundries and IDMs, but also many world-famous universities and academic users.

Key Benefits

All-In-One: Industry's high precision IV, CV, and 1/f noise test all in one box, providing complete low-frequency parametric characterizations without the need for changing cables or connections.

Fast Speed: 10X speed advantage over traditional test instruments. The industry's AI-driven test algorithm enables powerful speed increase while preserving test accuracy.

Modular Architect: Modular architect enables flexible test configurations and can be extended to Wafer Acceptance Tests (WAT).

Easy Set-up: Built-in test control and analysis software LabExpress™ provides hundreds of pre-defined test routines and friendly GUI, The professional option provides the capability of auto-probers and third-party instruments control.

Wide Range and High Precision: Up to 200V, 1A (3A pulsed), and 0.1fA (0.1 femtoamp) sensitivity, noise floor 2e-28A2 /Hz, lowest Freq to 0.001Hz High performance IV time sampling: real time IV sampling with 1us sample time and >100000 points data

As 9812DX’s internal SMU module: Seamlessly integrated with 9812DX system and NoiseProPlus software, providing significant speed increase for 9812DX system.

Device Modeling and Simulation Available: Optional built-in modeling and simulation software (BSIMProPlus™/MeQLab™/NanoSPICE™).


Applicable for MOSFET,BJT transistor, Diode and PN junction, III-V Devices, 2D material, Photodetector, Perovskite and solar cells, LED/TFT, Non-volatile memory and material, MEMS and sensors, Nano and molecular devices, Semiconductor device modeling, Noise analysis, Production test in advanced technology node. Build-in software has hundreds of presets, covers DC IV, pulse IV, IV time sampling, CV and 1/f noise measurement.


IV Measurement

High Precision Parametric Measurement: 200V max, 0.1fA sensitivity, 30fA accuracy, 1A max current, Pulsed current up to 3A.

CV Measurement

Built-in CV (no external LCR required) frequency range: 10Hz to 10kHz; capacitance measures down to 20fF; maximum DC bias voltage: 200V. FS-Pro also offers external LCR, including high-precision (10fF@2MHz, built-in DC bias 40V) and high bandwidth (5MHz) options, also supports industry mainstream LCR meters such as E4980 and HP4284.

1/f noise Measurement

Ultralow frequency, high-sensitive and high speed RTS/ 1/f noise measurement with wafer mapping; capable for mass production test. Key specifications are:

  • Bandwidth: 0.001Hz – 100KHz

  • Resolution: 2e-28A2/Hz

  • Typical Measurement speed: <10sec/bias (f>0.5Hz)

  • DUT min impedance: 500Ω

  • DUT max DC bias: 200V, 1A

Built-in Pulse Measurement

Voltage range: ± 200V, minimum pulse width:50us, minimum resolution: 100nV.