Process and Design Verification Platform


ME-Pro is an innovative design verification platform that bridges IC design and semiconductor manufacturing process development, serving as a common verification platform for designers, process developers, modeling engineers and PDK engineers.

ME-Pro supports simulation analysis for semiconductor device model verification and evaluation and is the technology platform that enables interactive development in the process, device and circuit areas. ME-Pro helps designers uncover the full potential of manufacturing process technology, effectively raises the quality and competitiveness of circuit and product design, and provides feedback to process improvement. Leveraging decades of Primarius semiconductor industry experience, ME-Pro offers pre-configured templates with hundreds of verification data entries and includes the built-in parallel simulator NanoSpice to greatly improve efficiency. ME-Pro provides an easy configuration setup resulting in a short learning curve, as well as the most complete and systematic capabilities for device, circuit, process evaluation and benchmarking for use by modeling engineers, CAD engineers, and circuit designers.  


Key Advantage

Build-in parallel simulator NanoSpice, supports external simulator

Rapidly analyze and validate SPICE model, ensure quality and accuracy

Short learning curve for quick adoption and best use of process platform

Systematic evaluation of any and all device/circuit targets Avoids misuse of models, improves design margins

Rich default setting and flexibility significantly speed up adoption

Intuitive GUI, easily to configure: run verification projects in minutes




Fabless: Foundry interface/COT team/CAD/Design team

Foundries & IDM: SPICE Model/Process development/Design Service team

 Application Example