Cross-platform Modeling Software


MeQLab is a flexible semiconductor device modeling platform which could support different operation system. By continuous innovation and development iteration, MeQLab has gradually become a standard spice modeling tool for IC foundries and design houses in the great China. 

MeQLab could run in Windows, Linux and UNIX OS. Due to the open architecture and build-in NanoSpice simulator, MeQLab provides user a convenient, powerfuln and customizable device modeling platform, applies to the various models of semiconductor device simulation of extraction and validation. In particular, its unique radio-frequency device modeling solutions MeQLab-RF features full capability of handling RF raw-data transformation, de-embedding, characterization, smooth conversion from baseband model to RF model, DC characteristics verification, RF model extraction, RF model library generation and QA up to 110GHz, provides customers with unique and professional solutions.  

Key Advantage

  1. Open and Flexible:Open API, defined to include data processing ( such as measurement data de-embedding), parameter extraction flow, model validation, sub-circuit model topology customization 

  2. Unique Architecture:the unique feature of Filter supports a variety of data analysis, model extraction, validation function, supports user custom settings flexibly 

  3. Real-time QA:Find model issue in time during model extraction 

  4. RF Modeling Total Solution :Full capability from testing, characterization, parameter extraction to QA for both I-V, S-parameter and thermal noise, with built-in NanoSpice improves efficiency greatly 

  5. Modeling Solution modules :Practical and efficient solutions, such as RF modeling, SRAM modeling, statistical modeling, etc 

  6. Cross OS :Windows, Linux and UNIX OS 


    1. Advanced semiconductor process development 

    2. PDK/SPICE model library development 

    3. RF SPICE model development

    4.  Application Example