Advanced Modeling Tool


MeQLab is a high-performance SPICE modeling platform for both baseband and RF device modeling, from characterization, data validation, model extraction to model library generation and QA. MeQLab also supports cell circuit validation and design-oriented model characterization. It integrates data analysis and visualization, fast SPICE simulation,  optimization algorithms, an easy programming environment and an embedded SPICE modeling knowhow. MeQLab-RF, a new module focused on RF modeling and QA up to 110GHz, further extends MeQLab's capability, which features full capability of handling RF raw-data, de-embedding and characterization, smooth conversion from baseband model to RF model, DC characteristics verification, RF model extraction, RF model library generation and QA.

Key Benefits

  1. Accurate and fast internal SPICE engine, which is over 100X faster than traditional SPICE in statistical simulations.

  2. A powerful optimizer based on modified metaheuristic and machine learning algorithm, applicable to both model extraction and circuit optimization.

  3. Integrated library parser and automatic QA procedures improve modeling efficiency and enable identifying issues at each stage of the modeling flow.

  4. The new supports analyzing data from multiple devices and tweaking multiple models with different types at the same time, which allows circuit-oriented modeling and optimization.

  5. Smart data management and recovery mechanism together the "Sign Off" feature establish an effective way in communications among engineers.

  6. Advanced RF modeling capability from de-embedding, characterization, parameter extraction to QA for both I-V, S-parameter and thermal noise. Built-in simulator greatly improve efficiency.

  7. Convenient model conversion from baseband model to RF model and automatic generation of final model library.


  1. Device Model Extraction


  1. Statistical Modeling and Mismatch

  2. Automatic Corner Model Generation


  1. Built-in Model Card QA and Library QA


  1. Model Library Comparison

  2. High Voltage Modeling Solution

  3. SRAM Modeling


  1. Noise Modeling and Related Circuit Analysis


  1. Design or Process Optimization

  2. Model Debugging

  3. Advanced RF Modeling and QA Solution

    1. Built-in 110GHz high-frequency batch data de-embedding, characterization, modeling and QA.

    2. Built-in thermal noise batch data de-embedding, characterization, modeling and QA.

    3. Available for user-defined function such as de-embedding technique, characterization methodology, sub-circuit model and so on.

    4. Powerful conversion script to generate RF model from baseband model and automatic generation of final RF model library.

    5. Friendly interface of model extrication procedure with supporting of flexible local and global parameters usage and application.

    6. Real-time RF model fitting QA and RF model library QA.

    7. Single device optimization and extraction.

    8. Scalable RF model extraction automatically with built-in empirical mathematical formulas.

    9. Powerful RF QA and report automation capability.

    10. Support customization of RF model automatic extraction flow and QA configuration.



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