NanoSpice MS

High Performance Mixed Signal Simulation Solution


NanoSpice MS is a high-performance mixed-signal simulation solution developed based on the Primarius NanoSpice family of circuit simulators. NanoSPICE MS adopts Verilog Programming Interface (VPI) and highefficiency synchronization algorithms. It realizes real-time data exchange and co-simulation between NanoSpice circuit simulators and industry-standard HDL simulators to support Verilog, VHL and System Verilog languages. With the performance advantage of NanoSpice circuit simulators, especially NanoSpice Giga and NanoSpice Pro, the NanoSpice MS solution significantly improves simulation and verification efficiency. It also delivers high-performance and large-capacity mixed-signal simulation.


Key Advantage

Simulation Acceleration :Accelerate mixed-signal simulation speed and increase simulation capacity by leveraging the NanoSpice performance advantage in analog circuit simulation

Easy to Use :Minimal setup effort allows users to switch from their existing flow to NanoSpice MS solution


Mixed-signal circuit and system simulation

PLL, Serdes, PMIC, MCU, Flash, and other SoC design


Supports industry-standard HDL (Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog) simulators to enable mixed-signal simulation

Leverages multi-core and multi-thread technology to accelerate simulation speed

Supports VerilogAMS mixed-signal simulation flow

Features a save-restore function to further accelerate mixed-signal simulation speed

Automatically generates mixed-signal interface reports for user to easily debug interface issues

 Application Example