High-Capacity Waveform Viewer


NanoWave™ is a high- performance, high-capacity waveform viewer. NanoWave is optimized to efficiently load and display very sizable databases with an array of features to display, measure, analyze and debug simulation results. Primarius developed NanoWave’s advanced framework using programming technology.


Key Benefits

Ease of use

Large number of data points (32M+ points)

Large waveform size (240G+ waveform file)

Large waveform files (100K+ MC)

Fast loading and browsing (operational in seconds)

compatible data formats and analysis features

Rich calculator functions for signal post-processing


Support standard SPICE simulation analysis

NWF/FSDB/PSF ASCII and Binary /TR0 ASCII format support

Comprehensive calculator functions

FFT/DFT analysis tool box

Eye Diagram analysis tool box

Analog to Digital signal conversion tool box

Intuitive graphic functions for waveform display


DC/Transient/AC/Noise/RF waveform

Transient/AC/Noise/DC/RF waveform

Simulation data analysis and waveform post-processing

Statistical simulation results viewing and analysis