Intelligent Model Extraction Platform


SDEP is a Spec-Driven Model Extraction Platform - a SPICE model development platform, built with modern computing power, that provides customers with a system to retain and inherit valuable device modeling expertise.

SDEP integrates data analysis and validation, SPICE model parameter auto-extraction and optimization functions, and features different optimization algorithms, parameter filtering, model QA, convergence controls, as well as many automation features.

Modeling experts can establish a fully customized in-house model auto-extraction flow and solution based on the powerful and flexible modules in SDEP.


Key Advantage

Automatic model extraction application leverages the intelligent target - oriented algorithm

Supports model extraction flow customization and optimization

Editable GUI, allows the flexibility to invoke various features for extraction flow setup

Flexible and powerful graphical interface, ability for feature extraction module to implement a specific target



  • Supports all models, including compact models and macro models
  • Supports industry standard model extraction such as BSIM4, BSIM-BULK, BSIM-CMG
  • Supports irregular W/L and automatically handle I-V/C-V data mismatch
  • Complete coverage on

-- Basic device/technology analysis, such as critical length (Lc), delta W/L vs. W/L, etc

-- I-V, C-V best-fitting

-- Temperature best-fitting

-- Retargeting

-- Corner