Testing Lab

Advanced Wafer Testing Platform


Primarius testing lab is an open laboratory to provide semiconductor electrical characteristic testing service, technical training and consultation of semiconductor materials, devices, circuits. The testing laboratory is composed of two centers with an area of around 1,000m² in Beijing and Jinan, equipped with six advanced semiconductor testing and analyzing systems for 12-inch wafer, including high-speed automatic and semi-automatic device testing and characterizing systems, RF/millimeter-wave performance testing system. The testing lab is affiliated with Primarius engineering center, which has served global customers for years on comprehensive testing, analyzing and training services. 

The Lab service team has extensive engineering experience, provides professional testing service to world-wide customers over 10,000 hours and hundreds of projects.  


Key Advantage

All-around instruments meet all kinds of device-testing needs 

Experienced team serves global customers for a decade 

Advanced equipment guarantees accurate results 

Powerful testing combination including parallel testing provides high throughput 

One-stop solution enables extreme applications under ultra-low temperature/ultra-high voltage 

  Engineering Service Scope  

Full automation and semi-automation electrical testing service for 12/8/6-inch wafers

Measurement of IV and CV parameters for various semiconductor devices from-60℃ to 200℃ 

Device reliability characteristic testing for HCI, NBTI and PBTI

S-parameter testing service for RF devices (up to 110GHz) 

DC measurement capability 

Maximum voltage-200V 

Maximum current-1A 

Minimum current precision-1fA 

AC measurement capability 

Frequency range-1KHz to 10MHz 

Voltage range-30V to 30V 

RF Measurement capability 

900Hz to 110 GHz 

Low frequency capability 

Frequency Range-0.03Hz to 10MHz

Maximum voltage-200V  

Service Customers

Foundry / IDM 

Semiconductor devices and circuits parametric testing 

Establishment of testing flow, technical consultation, and training 

IC design company

Performance testing and verification of various process platforms 

Establishment of testing flow, technical consultation, and training 

Universities and academic institutions 

Testing and characterization of new materials and devices 

Customized semiconductor testing solutions