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Full Custom Design & Verification

Primarius offers a highly scalable and customizable IC design platform, as well as widely recognized simulation and analysis solutions to meet the diverse IC design needs across various processes, therefore delivering comprehensive, application-driven EDA process based on DTCO methodology.

Design Environment

The IC design platform serves as an implementation for circuit design methodologies and design flow. It comprises a series of EDA tools that support various processes and circuit types for schematic & layout design and validation. The platform plays a crucial role in improving design efficiency, design quality and maintaining competitiveness.

The Primarius custom design platform, NanoDesigner, offers a flexible and extensible design environment for circuit designers. It is empowered with a high-precision SPICE simulation engine that enables circuit schematic design, layout editing, and interactive in-design physical verification. The platform supports the design of analog/mixed-signal circuits, RF circuits, memory circuits, and FPD circuits enabling designers to create high-performance and reliable products.

Circuit Simulation

SPICE simulator is an essential circuit simulation EDA tool that leverages SPICE models to simulate circuit behavior, verify the correctness and reliability of circuit designs, and analyze circuit performance. It plays a critical role in chip design and circuit analysis. Its readability and performance significantly impact the accuracy and efficiency of chip design.

Primarius SPICE simulation product family comprises cutting-edge high-precision SPICE simulator, high-performance FastSpice simulator, and large-capacity waveform viewer. They have earned numerous industry EDA awards and are also widely recognized and adopted by top international customers.

Circuit Analysis

Signal integrity analysis and high sigma yield analysis are critical branches of circuit analysis that are essential for evaluating circuit stability, accuracy, and reliability. By reducing circuit design cycles, enhancing circuit quality and reliability, and reducing manufacturing costs and risks, these tools help maximize overall design efficiency and competitiveness.

Primarius state-of-the-art circuit analysis tools, represented by high-sigma NanoYield platform, provide users with efficient and accurate solutions for yield and signal integrity analysis.

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