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AC Dynamic Noise Measurement System

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9812AC is the only commercial low-frequency noise system under AC excitation based on cutting-edge technologies, unveiling a new way to study semiconductor devices. 

  • Well-designed functional units such as generating a wide range of dynamic bias signals, filtering signals

  • Monitors the bias signal qualities, and amplifying signals to pick up output noises

  • Built-in measurement software NoiseProPlus for noise measurement and data analysis

  • Designed for wide use of foundries, IDMs, and academic institutions

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  • Innovative

    First commercial AC noise measurement system

  • Cutting-Edge

    Cutting-edge technologies and algorithms support

  • Easy-to-Use

    User-friendly software for easy operations

  • Wide Range

    Wafer-level accuracy
    wide voltage/current/impedance range

  • Accurate

    Sophisticated system design
    ensuring accuracy of measurement output


  • Process
    & development

  • Process/Device evaluation
    for circuit design

  • Device mechanism
    study under switched
    bias conditions

  • AC RTN characterization
    & research

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