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Professional One-Stop “Turn-key”Engineering Service

We are committed to establishing an industry-leading engineering service platform by offering comprehensive Design Enablement services that provide professional engineering solutions. Our services are powered by advanced Primarius EDA products and testing systems with over 10 years of experience serving top-tier Fabless and Fab companies.

Wafer Testing

Wafer testing is a crucial and indispensable part of IC manufacturing and design development. It including inter-wafer testing, wafer-to-wafer testing, temperature testing, electrical characteristic testing, statistical  testing, and more. These tests primarily aim to verify and optimize the chip manufacturing process and circuit design, develop PDK that include SPICE models, and process reliability.

SPICE Modeling

SPICE modeling requires collecting relevant electrical characteristics and physical parameters of the target devices based on wafer testing. Engineers need to choose or customize the appropriate SPICE model according to the application scenario and requirements. The model describes the basic physical behavior of devices, such as voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance, as well as other nonlinear characteristics, using complex mathematical equations. Model parameters are then extracted using experimental or simulation data and specialized EDA tools. Engineers then repeatedly optimize the model parameters to ensure that the simulation results are as close as possible to the actual silicon data.

Primarius modeling service team has over 10 years of experience in providing outsourcing services to the world's leading wafer foundries. We’re committed to offering efficient and professional modeling services, covering a wide range of process technologies from 0.35 microns to 7 nanometers. With leading technology and a professional spirit, we provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality modeling services. And the services are widely used in logic, analog, memory and RF chip design and manufacturing. 

Testchip Design

Testchip Design is a crucial technical development part in IC design and manufacturing R&D stage. Its main function is to conduct data testing on the development of IC process technology, device and circuit performance validation and optimization, and process reliability evaluation and optimization for subsequent technical R&D. By analyzing the test data of the test structure layout, the R&D team can comprehensively understand the process performance and stability, determine the optimal process parameters through optimization and improvement, or conduct device or circuit performance testing for the development of PDK including SPICE models, standard cell libraries, or other IPs.

The Primarius Engineering Services team comprises numerous industry experts and senior engineers who have undertaken numerous large scale testkey design service projects for leading customers in the industry. We have successfully completed delivery and tape-out verification and have earned the trust and appreciation of our customers due to our rich experience.

New Device

Primarius actively arranges new devices and innovative application-oriented EDA solutions for high-voltage/ultra-high voltage power devices, third-generation compound semiconductor devices, super-conducting quantum, and ultra-low temperature MOS.

PDK Development

A Process Design Kit (PDK) is an organized database that contains various technology contents required for IC design. By providing a complete set of process files and standard design flow specifications, a PDK helps IC designers to complete analog/mixed-signal designs efficiently and accurately, and serves as an important data platform to connect IC design and manufacturing.

Leveraging our own EDA solutions (NanoDesigner, PCellLab, PQLab, etc.) and our team of experienced engineering experts, our PDK development services offer highly customizable solutions for our clients. We provide efficient PDK development services that effectively shorten development cycles and ensure delivery quality. Our high-quality services have received widespread praise from industry clients.

IP Development

Our IP service department provides not only development services of foundation IP, analog IP and digital IP, but also complete IP Design Kit services, characterization service, one-stop circuit customization service, ASIC back-end design service and related technical consultation and training services.

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