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Standard Cell Library Characterization IP Development Memory Compliler

Our IP service department provides not only development services of foundation IP, analog IP and digital IP, but also complete IP Design Kit services, characterization service, one-stop circuit customization service, ASIC back-end design service and related technical consultation and training services. 

  • Based on Primarius massive storage and computing resources in our EDA computing center

  • Supported by our design EDA solutions and efficient EDA tools

  • Teamed by experienced experts and senior engineers

  • Covering mature 0.18um process to advanced 5nm FinFET process

  • Unique low voltage & low power IP solutions

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  • One-stop

    Providing one-stop
    IP development service

  • Customized

    From chip definition, design, tape-out,
    and test to development service

  • Full-coverage

    From mature process
    to advanced 7nm FinFET process

  • Professional

    Professional IP service team

  • Efficient

    Massive computing units and unlimited EDA license

  • High-quality

    Automated K-library and validation process


  • Std Cell Lib. development & characterization

  • GPIO

  • Memory

  • Automotive-grade

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