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Low Frequency Noise Measurement System

Low Frequency Noise 1/f Noise & RTN High-Accuracy & Wide-Range

9812DX is the industry's golden tool for low-frequency noise measurement, helping chip manufacturers identify and eliminate defects for reliable, high-performance chips.

  • Sets new records in measurement speed, system resolution and coverage of different types of measurement requirements

  • Supports all device types with wide operating conditions, including high voltage up to 200V and extreme low current down to 10pA

  • Accommodates a complete range of measurement conditions for both high and low impedance devices, ranging from 10Ω to 10MΩ

  • Delivers significant and innovative improvement in hardware & software design

  • Used in conjunction with semiconductor parameter testing system FS-Pro

  • Widely used for development of the most advanced semiconductor process technology nodes from 28nm to 3nm

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  • Golden Standard

    Industry's golden tool
    for low-frequency noise measurement

  • Wide Range

    Wafer-level accuracy
    wide voltage/current/impedance range

  • Parallel Testing

    Validated high precision & high testing throughput parallel test capability

  • System Architecture

    Recognized system architecture
    high-precision & reliable

  • Widely-Adopted

    Indispensable tool
    for leading Foundries & Fabless

  • Full-Coverage

    For both high and low impedance devices
    ranging from 10Ω to 10MΩ


  • Process development
    quality assessment
    & quality control

  • Noise characterization for SPICE model extraction

  • Process/device evaluation for advanced IC design

  • Cutting-edge
    IC design
    & verification


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