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Parameterized Cell Library Development Platform

PCell Development Flexible GUI Build-in Development Templates

PCellLab is an automated development platform with complete PCell development functions and advanced technology. 

  • Comprehensive built-in PCell development templates and user-friendly graphical interface

  • PCell code can be automatically generated according to the process and design parameters inputted by users

  •  Reserving open interfaces for special processes and special needs so that users can customize input templates according to their own process characteristics

  • Supporting PDK developers to complete development efficiently with high quality

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  • Versatility

    Support bulk silicon planar process, SOI process, BCD process, FinFET process, etc

  • Completeness

    Support automatic generation of PCell components such as Symbol, CDF, Callback, View, etc

  • Efficiency

    Rich and comprehensive PCell development functions to enhance development efficiency

  • Flexibility

    Combination of standardized functions and customized functions to support user customization

  • Easy-to-use

    Friendly GUI with mathematical expressions input
    to reduce development difficulty


  • Automated PCell

  • Automated iPDK PCell

  • PCell source code

  • Automatic conversion
    from PDK to iPDK

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