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TR-Level Critical Path Analyzer

Critical Path Analysis Critical Path Circuit Extracion Partial Schematic Generation

PathInspector provides TR-level critical path tracing and extraction solutions. 

  • Full-chip simulation accuracy with incredible speed performance

  • Industry-proven partial circuit extraction technology

  • Extract and analyze partial SPICE netlist for the critical path, including coupling effect from DSPF

  • User-friendly environment based on graphical user interface 

  • Access OpenAccess schematic database of a 3rd-party tool

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  • High Accuracy

    Fast circuit simulation with high accuracy

  • Interactive Analysis

    Interactive critical path analysis reduce design TAT

  • Flexible Interface

    Flexible design data interface (schematic or netlist)

  • Tool Integration

    Flexible tool integration

  • Automatic Assignment

    Automatic side input assignment


  • Critical path tracing
    for TR-level design

  • Interactive critical path analysis

  • Memory

  • Custom
    SoC design

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