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NanoSpice Pro X

Advanced High Performance FastSPICE Simulator

Memory and Array Circuit Verification Custom Digital Transistor Level Simulation SoC Circuit Verification

NanoSpice Pro X employs an adaptive dual-solver technology that seamlessly integrates the state-of-the-art FastSPICE engine and NanoSpice X analog engine to ensure superior analog accuracy anddigital performance for memory circuits, CPU, custom digital, SoC and full chip mixed-signal designs.

  • Breakthrough FastSPICE algorithm, intelligent topology recognition & automated partition technology

  • Event-driven architecture with enhanced MT scalability, post-layout circuit topology optimization

  • Straight-forward usability based on circuit types

  • Empowered by the advanced infrastructure

  • Supports 3D-IC and multi-technology simulation including in back-annotation flow

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  • Higher efficiency

    Event driven with better MT scalability
    Post layout and RC further optimization

  • Higher accuracy

    Superior analog accuracy and
    digital performance with adaptive dual-solver

  • Wider coverage

    One stop solution
    from block level to full chip circuit simulation

  • More cost-effective

    Advanced infrastructure and
    efficient output system to minimize cost

  • Larger capacity

    2 billion elements

  • Breakthrough algorithm

    Circuit detection and auto-partitioning
    empowered by ML/AI


  • Flash/DRAM/SRAM
    function verification,
    timing & power dissipation

  • SRAM

  • Custom digital
    full chip simulation
    (CLK Tree, MCU)

  • SoC
    full chip simulation
    (Transceiver, Display, CIS, PMIC, etc.)

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