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NanoSpice MS

High Performance Mixed Signal Simulation Solution

Mixed Signal Simulation Verilog Programming Interface NanoSpice Simulators

NanoSpice MS is a high-performance mixed-signal simulation solution developed based on the Primarius NanoSpice family of circuit simulators. 

  • Adopting VPI and high-efficiency synchronization algorithms

  • Realizing real-time data exchange and co-simulation between NanoSpice circuit simulators and industry-standard HDL simulators to support Verilog, VHDL and System Verilog languages

  • With the performance advantage of NanoSpice circuit simulators, especially NanoSpice Giga and NanoSpice Pro, the NanoSpice MS solution significantly improves simulation and verification efficiency

  • Delivering high-performance and large-capacity mixed-signal simulation

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  • Superior

    Accelerating mixed-signal
    simulation speed

  • Switchable

    Minimal setup effort allowing users to switch from their existing flow to NanoSpice MS solution

  • Large

    Increase capacity by leveraging NanoSpice performance advantage in analog circuit simulation

  • Comprehensive

    Support Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog and VerilogAMS


  • Function verification of memory circuits
    (Flash, DRAM, etc.)

  • Verification of complex SOC systems
    (PMIC, MCU, etc.)

  • MS simulation of analog circuit
    ADC, PLL, Serdes, etc.

  • MS circuit verification
    based on SystemVerilog & UVM


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