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All-In-One Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

Parameter Testing Reliability Testing Fast Pulse Measurement

FS-Pro is an All-In-One Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer, effectively integrating high precision IV, CV, pulse IV, transient IV sampling, arbitrary linear waveform generation and measurement, high-speed time-domain signal acquisition and low-frequency noise test capability in a compact machine. 

  • Applies in almost all low frequency device characteristics measurement

  • Supports multi-channel parallel testing

  • Adopts PXI modular architecture to ensure compact size and  extensibility

  • Built-in professional testing software LabExpress with rich test presets and powerful functions for typical parameters test, reliability test

  • Wide applications for semiconductor devices, LED materials, two-dimensional materials, nano-materials, and novel devices

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  • All-In-One

    Supporting high precision IV, CV,
    pulse IV, transient IV sampling
    and 1/f noise test

  • Powerful

    Wide range and high precision
    high-speed sampling time-domain signal acquisition
    arbitrary linear waveform generation

  • Widely Adopted

    Over 100 customers worldwide
    including top design companies, foundries, IDMs, universities, and research institutions

  • Modular Architecture

    Enabling test configuration
    flexibility & extensibility

  • Easy-to-Use

    Build-in LabExpress software
    intuitive GUI for powerful measurement & analysis

  • SMU

    Seamlessly integrated with
    981X system & NoiseProPlus software


  • Process development
    & device parameter testing

  • Semiconductor device

  • Semiconductor device
    ultrashort pulse

  • Non-destructive measurement
    & inspection

  • Opto-electronic device
    & MEMS measurement

  • 2D materials
    device testing

  • Metal

  • Advanced materials
    and device testing


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