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Flexible RF Modeling Platform

RF Data Test & Analysis RF Modeling Built-in Engine for Fast Simulation

MeQLab, a flexible device modeling platform with open architecture, covers complete RF modeling applications including S-parameter testing, small-signal modeling, large-signal verification, etc.

  • Easy to operate with powerful functions that supports various user-defined settings including RF characteristic testing, data de-embedding, characterization, parameter extraction, etc.

  • Various device testing templates enable efficient on-chip device IV/CV/RF characteristic testing, supporting up to 110GHz S-parameter measurement and parameter transformation

  • Built-in NanoSpice simulator engine allows for smooth conversion from baseband modeling cards to RF modeling cards, DC characteristics verification, RF model parameter extraction, model library generation

  • Multi-level model verification solutions covering RF data verification, model fitting & extraction verification, extensible model verification and model library verification, etc.

  • Automatic one-click generation of modeling/verification reports in Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, PDF and other formats based on customer requirements

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  • All-in-one

    Full capability from testing, characterization, parameter extraction to QA for I-V, S-parameters and NF50 thermal noise

  • Open and Flexible

    Open API supporting data processing,
    parameter extraction flow, model validation, and sub-circuit model topology customization, etc

  • Comprehensive

    RF modeling for
    MOS, inductor, capacitor,
    III-V devices (HEMT, HBT, etc.)

  • Multiple OS

    Windows, Linux and UNIX
    operating systems

  • Fast Simulation

    Built-in SPICE engine
    for fast RF characterization and optimization

  • Automatic Extraction

    RF parameters &
    Global model


  • RF device
    small signal

  • RF model
    parameter extraction & optimization

  • RF model
    for new devices

  • RF model


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