Data-Driven Design Enablement EDA Flow

With core technologies and methodologies, Primarius provides a one-stop design enablement tool chain ranging from models, PDKs to Standard Cell Library, striving to solve DTCO process efficiency bottlenecks, thus enabling efficient linkage between IC manufacture and design.


A high-quality SPICE model library is essential for successful circuit simulation, design, and optimization. It enables accurate prediction of physical characteristics and electrical behavior of semiconductor devices ensuring optimal designs and minimizing the risk of costly errors. This leads to improved product performance and faster time-to-market.

As the industry's leading SPICE modeling solution, we employ cutting-edge technology powered by the golden-standard tool SPICE modeling platform BSIMProPlus and high-precision SPICE simulators, delivers unparalleled accuracy and performance for Fabs and Fabless companies alike. Our comprehensive modeling EDA tools family covers all areas of data acquisition & analysis, baseband and RF modeling, automatic model extraction and QA verification, making it the ultimate solution for all your modeling needs. Trust Primarius to take your designs to the next level.


The Process Design Kit (PDK) is an essential input of IC design flow, typically provided by foundries. It comprises all the necessary information that designers require including comprehensive component libraries, design rules deck, SPICE model library, and other essential information for a specific process platform. The PDK facilitates various design tasks including circuit schematic design, layout design, and back-end verification. As semiconductor processes continue to evolve, the complexity of PDKs is continuously increasing, posing significant challenges for PDK developers.

Boost PDK development efficiency and quality with Primarius PDK solution. The user-friendly GUI and comprehensive functionality enable efficient and high-quality PCell development. The multiple built-in automated PDK verification mechanisms could ensure timely project delivery and high PDK quality.

Standard Cell

The Standard Cell Library is a standardized circuit cell library that plays a vital role in integrated circuit design. It encompasses a range of logic gate circuits that facilitate the implementation of intricate digital circuit designs. It's usually provided by foundries for IC designers to optimize chip PPA.

The Primarius Standard Cell Library solution utilizes distributed parallel architecture technology, state-of-the-art cell circuit analysis and extraction algorithms. Empowered with our high-precision SPICE simulator, it is represented by the fast and high-precision standard cell library characterization platform NanoCell, providing a complete solution for automated design, library characterization, and verification of standard cell libraries.

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