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Advanced SPICE Modeling Platform

Baseband Modeling Modeling Platform Built-in SPICE Engine

BSIMProPlus is industry's leading SPICE modeling platform for advanced semiconductor devices. As the technology and market leader for SPICE modeling, it has been adopted as the standard modeling tool in leading semiconductor companies worldwide for over a decade. 

  • Full SPICE modeling capabilities for characterization, auto model extraction and parameter optimization

  • Meeting various baseband modeling requirements including electrical, physical, layout, etc.

  • Built-in parallel SPICE engine, supporting latest CMC industry-standard SPICE model, Verilog-A and sub-circuit models

  • Applied in various technology nodes including 28nm/14nm/10nm/7nm/5nm/3nm

  • Adopted by leading customers for process development and IC design

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  • Industry-Golden Platform

    Technology & market leader
    for SPICE modeling

  • Trusted Solution

    Adopted by
    leading semiconductor companies worldwide

  • All-in-one

    Meeting various baseband modeling requirements
    electrical, physical, layout, etc.

  • Full Coverage

    Covering various device types
    compact models, user-defined models, etc.

  • GAA

    Applied in various processes
    Planar, FinFET, GAA, etc.

  • 3nm

    Applied in advanced process
    down to 7nm/5nm/3nm

  • IGBT

    Supports high-power device modeling

  • PRI

    Supports reliability modeling such as PRI, Agemos

  • RTN

    Supports RTN modeling


  • SPICE modeling
    & model library

  • New device
    SPICE model

  • Semiconductor
    device data

  • Reliability model
    & validation


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