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NanoDesigner LS

Layout Editor

Layout Editing Intelligent Assistance SDL

NanoDesigner LS (NDLS) provides a flexible and scalable design platform enabling efficient graphic editing and intelligent assistance. 

  • Support GDS 100GB, 10 million net-scale data, lifting restrictions on the number of cells or layers

  • Industry-leading high-performance display, editing, data conversion, etc.

  • Integrated polygon input, rule-driven, net-driven, constraint-driven editing, hierarchical design, and push-aside functions

  • Rule-driven editing with automatic electric potential recognition and Net tracking

  • Seamless conversion from schematic to layout using Net-Driven method for SDL (schematic/netlist to layout)

  • Powerful crossprobe function for interactive schematic/layout placement and routing

  • Support analysis, learning, automatic editing and calling, and other functions

  • Support efficient development of Python and C++ scripts

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  • Ease of Use

    Flexible and scalable design environment
    rich design methods

  • Large Capacity

    100 GB+ GDS and 10 million net-scale
    layout data processing

  • Full integration

    Polygon design, Rule-Driven, Net-Driven,
    Constraint-Driven editing, hierarchical design

  • Automation

    Intelligent pattern routing
    both interactive and full-automatic modes


  • AMS circuit
    layout design

  • RF circuit
    layout design

  • Memory circuit
    layout design

  • Flat panel display
    layout design

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