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Schematic Editor

Schematic Capture NanoSpice Engine User-Friendly GUI

NanoDesigner Schematic Editor (NDSE), seamlessly integrated with IC layout design, has rich functions and is fast to operate. 

  • Adopting drag, drop, and other convenient design methods to realize transistor-level to language-level circuit input

  • Efficient Python & C++ scripts development

  • Support execution log saving, history coordinate saving & retrieval

  • Support inherit connection design and automatic generation of symbols

  • Editing of circuit parameters in unified interfaces and resident property windows

  • Powerful and efficient trace for large-scale and hierarchical level circuits

  • Support batch simulation, multi-corner/multi-testbench/timed simulation and third-party simulators in ADV simulation environment

  • Cross probing between schematic and waveform

  • Support OpenAccess database and industry-standard import/export data  formats (Edif200, SPICE, CDL, Verilog, etc.)

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  • High Capacity

    ULSI design and
    hgh-performance & high-capacity circuit simulation

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive GUI
    ensuring easy operation

  • High Efficiency

    Multiple built-in design command sets
    for efficient IC design

  • Automation

    Intelligent circuit design optimization


  • AMS circuit
    schematic design

  • RF circuit
    schematic design

  • Memory circuit
    schematic design

  • Flat panel display
    schematic design

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