Testing Systems

Comprehensive Low-Frequency Measurement

By integrating leading semiconductor characteristic testing solutions with EDA products, we provide differentiated and higher value data-driven EDA full-process solutions through product collaboration.

Parametric Testing

The Parametric Testing system is a crucial tool for IC manufacturing and design optimization, enabling Foundry to evaluate and optimize the process, improve device performance, and ensure product stability and reliability. For IC design, parametric testing helps designers understand and verify device characteristics, evaluate design choices, and optimize circuit design.

Primarius FS-Pro parameter analyzer provides flexible and comprehensive device testing, allowing fast and accurate low-frequency characterization of almost all types of semiconductor devices. It is widely used in various research fields, including semiconductor devices, LED materials, two-dimensional materials devices, and new advanced materials testing, accelerating the development and evaluation of semiconductor devices and processes.

Noise Measurement

Low-frequency noise testing is a crucial analytical tool in semiconductor device manufacturing and design. It is used to measure the 1/f noise and RTN noise performance of device, which helps Foundries, IDMs and fabless customers improve product quality and competitiveness. Foundries and IDMs can monitor and optimize process, while IC designers can evaluate and validate device noise characteristics to optimize circuit design for improved performance and reliability.

The Primarius 981X series low-frequency noise testing system is the gold standard in the low-frequency noise testing field. It is suitable for advanced process development, IC design, and academic research from mature processes to 28/14/10/5/3nm process nodes. Additionally, the 9812AC is the industry's first commercially available AC noise testing system which offers more possibilities for exploring new semiconductor research fields.

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