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Advanced PDK Verification Platform

PDK QA PDK Comparison Automation Platform

PQLab is an advanced PDK (Process Design Kit) verification platform. 

  • An automated QA software for PDKs, featuring a multitude of qualification mechanisms of PDK integrity, including technology files, PCell CDF and PCell physical verification (DRC & LVS)

  • PQLab supports PDK verification for planar process (0.18um to 22nm) and FinFET process (16nm to 5nm), covering applications in digital logic, analog, high voltage, and RF circuits. PQLab helps foundries

  • PDK engineers ensure PDK quality, enabling IC designers to easily analyze and qualify foundry PDKs and benchmark between different PDK versions and design flows

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  • Top-notch

    Supports planar process and
    FinFET process

  • Versatile

    Supports PDK format and EDA tools
    of mainstream Foundries

  • Complete

    Supports PCell validation flows, full coverage of QA patterns, combinations of models/LVS/PEX formats

  • Efficient

    Built-in pattern generation module
    for each PDK component

  • Flexible

    Supports test pattern
    user customization

  • Reusable

    Existing PDK QA settings
    reusable for future projects


  • PDK QA Pattern
    automatic generation

  • PDK parallel
    QA verification

  • Multi-version PDK
    cross check

  • iPDK
    QA verification

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