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NanoSpice X

Circuit Type Driven SPICE Simulator

Analog Fullchip Simulation Post-layout Simulation One-stop Flow

As a high-precision and high-capacity parallel SPICE simulator, NanoSpice X is designed to tackle the most challenging simulation tasks. 

  • 2X to 10X+ faster than other solutions with the same precision

  • For accurate block level circuits, complicated analog full chip designs and large post-layout analog circuits with huge parasitic RC on Power and Ground Net

  • Superior parallelization technologies, adaptive SPICE Solver, efficient Matrix solving, post-layout circuit topology optimization and significantly enhanced RC reduction capacities

  • Accommodating up to 100 million circuit elements while preserving SPICE-level accuracy

  • Unique adaptive SPICE engine that automatically matches the most suitable simulation algorithm based on user-specified circuit types

  • Ensuring optimal performance across operating principles, circuit structures, and frequencies

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  • Faster Speed

    Faster simulation runtime in trannoise analysis
    Efficiently handle the time-consuming part
    in analog full chip with digital blocks

  • More Comprehensive

    Mature digital-centric and
    analog-centric flows

  • Higher Accuracy

    True SPICE engine
    following the highest industry standard

  • Larger Capacity

    Larger capacity than other SPICE
    especially for post-layout

  • Compatibility

    Standard input/output formats
    and fully compatible SPICE features

  • Expansion

    From analog blocks
    to analog full chip


  • Analog full-chip simulation
    (Serdes/PLL/PHY, etc.)

  • AMS

  • Customized
    digital circuit

  • Standard Cell
    and verification

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