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NanoSpice SI

NanoSpice Signal Integrity Solution

NanoSpice Signal Integrity Solution Chip/PKG/PCB Model Analysis

NanoSpice SI is a fast and precise signal integrity solution. 

  • Dealing with jitter, crosstalk, ringing, ground bounce, and noise problems brought by tighter packaging space and increasing clock frequencies

  • Extensive SI models and analysis support

  • Designers can accurately and quickly predict signal integrity issues under such conditions

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  • Superior

    Superior simulation performance

  • Accurate

    Proven time-domain accuracy

  • Multi-Port

    Up to a thousand ports

  • Extensive

    Extensive & accurate model and element support, including IBIS/IBIS-AMI/nport/transmission lines

  • Comprehensive

    S-parameters, transmission lines, IBIS models, statistical eye analysis, etc.

  • Post-Simulation

    Accurate Signal Integrity post-layout simulation
    with transistor-level high speed IO circuit


  • Chip-package

  • Noise, Jitter,
    Crosstalk analysis
    of high-speed
    serial interfaces

  • Package-Board-PDN network co-simulation
    of memory chips

  • Large-scale DSPF post-simulation
    Signal Integrity analysis

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