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NanoDesigner Optimizer

Design Optimizer

Automatic Optimization AI-based Algorithm Design Constraints

NanoDesigner Optimizer is integrated in NanoDesigner full custom IC design platform for automatic circuit design optimization, helping engineers optimize circuit performance, improve design efficiency and accuracy.

  • Based on  AI-based algorithm and genetic evolutionary algorithm optimizer

  • Automatically adjust device parameters, design variable parameters, and other DUT parameters

  • Automatic generation of optimal instance combinations fulfiling both specification and constraint requirements through continuous simulation iteration and hybridization variation

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  • Powerful

    Various algorithms and a new AI-based algorithm
    for circuit optimization and design automation

  • Efficient

    Automatic optimization
    of device parameters

  • Easy-to-use

    User-friendly GUI
    for easy operations


  • AMS circuit

  • RF circuit

  • Memory circuit

  • Flat panel display

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