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High-Sigma Yield Analysis Solution

Yield Simulation High-sigma Analysis Algorithms User-friendly GUI

NanoYield is a yield oriented design platform for analysis and optimization of circuit yield in memory, digital and analog circuits. 

  • Based on Primarius' unique technology of statistical modeling and high-sigma analysis algorithms

  • Performing circuit statistical simulation with non-destructive precision, as well as acceleration through efficient algorithms and parallelization

  • Improving designer productivity with the user-friendly GUI-based DFY (design for yield) environment called NDE (Nano Design Environment)

  • Based on the design goals, NDE allows users to run variation analysis, predict yield, access the effectiveness of yield and circuit optimization efforts, and improve product competitiveness

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  • Integrated

    Built-in SPICE engine &
    high efficiency statistical algorithms

  • Superior

    Fast PVT, Monte Carlo,
    advanced high-sigma analysis

  • Scalable

    Near-linear scaling
    on computer farm or public clouds

  • Accurate

    Validated with
    40nm/28nm/14nm/7nm/5nm process node

  • Cost-Effective

    Most cost-effective
    parallelization licensing model

  • Easy-to-Use

    Friendly GUI for convenient viewing &
    processing of yield analysis results


  • High-sigma yield analysis
    for memory and Standard Cell designs

  • Yield prediction and optimization
    for analog and digital block designs

  • Foundries/IDMs technology development
    for SRAM yield improvement

  • Fast PVT simulation
    requiring numerous corners

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