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Chip-level HBM ESD Analysis Platform

ESD Analysis Layout Extraction Multi-threaded Simulation

ESDi platform is a comprehensive suite of advanced full-chip ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) network verification tools. The platform offers HBM verification solutions applicable to various stages of the design process, including schematic level and chip level, and has been recognized and affirmed by leading chip design houses and manufacturers in the industry.

  • Accurate simulation of HBM discharge paths, providing accuracy and speed with nonlinear simulation technology and TLP models

  • Facilitating layout extraction, identifies pads and ESD protection devices, and generates reduced-order models for parasitic layout resistances

  • Simulating pad-to-pad HBM strikes, mapping IR-drops and current densities

  • Identifying overstressed internal-circuit devices, incorrect or missing ESD cells, addressing issues like excessive voltages, electromigration, and imbalanced current distribution

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  • Accurate

    Simulation based approach
    for high level accuracy

  • Excellent

    ESD-verification tools

  • Systematic

    All HBM-stress conditions
    for ESD sign-off before tape out

  • Efficient

    Highlights marginal devices
    to avoid costly field failures

  • Comprehensive

    Covering metallization and
    internal circuit sneak-path checks

  • Cost-effective

    Low cost set up, useful
    in all stages of the design flow


  • HBM ESD analysis
    for AMS chips

  • HBM ESD analysis
    for automotive chips

  • HBM ESD analysis
    for PMICs

  • HBM ESD analysis
    for digital chips


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