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Standard Cell Library Characterization Solution

Standard Cell Library Characterization Simulations & Extraction Built-in NanoSpice Engine

NanoCell is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use standard cell library characterization EDA tool. 

  • Adopts intelligent analysis algorithms to analyze and extract arcs and functionalities of the cells

  • Simulates and builds the timing, power consumption, noise, and other characteristics of standard cells

  • Supports planar and FinFET process (advanced nodes down to 7nm)

  • Provides user-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces to help users shorten product development cycles

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  • Fast

    2X faster than REF tool
    with advanced distributed parallel architecture

  • Flexible

    Powerful cell circuit analysis algorithm
    complete ARC extraction

  • Precise

    Built-in NanoSpice &
    advanced library characterization models support

  • 7nm

    Supporting advanced FinFET process node
    down to 7nm

  • Easy-to-use

    Simplified user interface and configuration
    with built-in benchmark liberty utility

  • Multi-platform

    ARM/X86 environment & SGE/LSF cluster
    support with good scaling


  • Planar process
    library characterization

  • FinFET process
    library characterization

  • Custom cell
    library characterization

  • Library characterization
    on Cloud

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