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NanoSpice Giga

Large Capacity & High Precision SPICE Simulator

Giga-scale Circuit Simulation Simulation Verification Parallel Simulation Engine

NanoSpice Giga is industry's Giga-scale SPICE simulator. 

  • Its innovative parallel simulation engine is built using big data architecture that effectively handles billion-element designs

  • Ideal for verification and signoff of memory, custom or semi-custom digital circuits, and full-chip designs

  • True SPICE engine of NanoSpice Giga offering significantly higher accuracy for power, leakage, timing/noise characterizations, and verification

  • Superior parallelization technologies deliver faster simulation speed without sacrificing accuracy

  • Golden signoff simulator for memory IP and full-chip verification with high precision and performance

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  • Accurate

    True SPICE
    high-accuracy engine

  • Giga-Scale

    Full-chip verification and signoff
    (>109 elements)

  • Superior

    Scalable to 32+ threads
    high performance parallelization

  • Easy-to-Use

    No need for complicated options
    directly replaces other simulators

  • Advanced

    Proven by mature &
    7/5/3nm FinFET/FD-SOI processes

  • Comprehensive

    Multi-process support, post-simulation DSPF
    back-annotation check, SOA/circuit inspection, etc.


  • Large-scale
    analog circuit
    simulation & verification

  • Memory IC high accuracy verification
    (Flash, DRAM, SRAM, MRAM, etc.)

  • PMIC/PMU power management

  • Full-chip SoC
    high accuracy simulation & verification


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