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Standard Cell Library Validation Solution

Standard Cell Library Validation Liberty Trend Analysis Layout Abstract Generation

LibWiz provides a solution for trend analysis between PVT corners to ensure library integrity. 

  • Cross-check methodology to extract common parameters in each cell library and check consistency between libraries

  • Sequential process to check function equivalence and all properties such as cell area, pin list, pin property as direction, and timing arcs 

  • Datasheet generation for use by chip designers based on analysis results

  • Seamless abstract layout generation from full-custom physical layout design

  • User-friendly GUI environment for fastest debugging & generation of HTML, PDF, and TXT format files for convenient analysis and post-processing of data

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  • Integrity

    Achieve integrity of Liberty library

  • Automation

    Automatic datasheet generation

  • Consistency

    Prevent inconsistency between library views

  • Convenience

    Cell abstract generation from physical layout


  • Cell consistency

  • Cell Library
    integrity validation

  • Layout to LEF
    automatic generation

  • Datasheet

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