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Power Device Design Verification

Rdson Extraction Gate Delay Analysis Electro-thermal Analysis

PTM is a suite of tools to enhance the design analysis of power device, recognized and adopted by the top-ranking power device IDMs and Fabless companies. It can extract Rdson with high precision and verify the device's switching behavior, ensuring the product's reliability and lifespan. 

  • Utilizing the edge-based 3D solver, optimizing Rdson and gate delay in power transistor arrays

  • Verifying current density "hot-spots", checking electro-migration violation

  • Optimizing layout and pad placement, detecting missing vias and metal current crowding

  • Extending to power device die, package, and PCB co-simulation, ensuring an optimal thermal performance

  • Integrated with user-friendly results viewer with cross-linked reports and field views

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  • Accurate

    High precision parameter extraction
    and optimization

  • Rich Views

    2D view, solver view,
    and field view

  • Layout Optimization

    Analyze pad
    and via placement

  • Reliability

    Analyze potential issues like electromigration,
    overheating failures, etc.

  • Dynamic Analysis

    Simulation based transient
    ET analysis

  • Switching Behaviour

    Maximize switching


  • Power device
    design analysis(IGBT)

  • Automotive IC
    design analysis

  • Power IC design analysis (PMIC/
    DC-DC converters)

  • Mixed-signal IC
    design analysis

  • Co-optimization of ET performance(in

  • High voltage
    GAN device
    design analysis


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