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NanoSpice Pro

High Performance FastSPICE Simulator

High Performance Circuit Simulation FastSPICE Dual-solver Engine

NanoSpice Pro is a revolutionary high-performance and high-capacity FastSPICE circuit simulator. 

  • Its dual-solver engine boosts the simulation throughput of all modern complex designs, including memory (DRAM, SRAM, Flash, MRAM), FPGA, custom digital, and SoC circuits

  • With the breakthrough FastSPICE algorithm, intelligent topology recognition, and automatic partition technology, NanoSpice Pro delivers superior performance and capacity to address advanced node verification challenges

  • Adaptive dual-solver technology, i.e., seamless integration of the state-of-the-art digital engine and the giga-scale analog engine, ensures superior analog accuracy and digital performance for mixed-signal designs

  • NanoSpice Pro provides a unique one-stop memory simulation solution to meet all needs for memory cell design, memory array and compiler verification, memory characterization, and full-chip verification with up to 10X+ performance increase over other commercial simulators

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  • Breakthrough Algorithm

    Intelligent topology recognition &
    automatic partitioning

  • Large Capacity

    Up to 10X+ faster
    simulation throughput

  • Top-Notch Technology

    Advanced RC reduction
    fast yet accurate model evaluation

  • Adaptive Dual-Solver

    Superior analog accuracy &
    digital performance

  • Easy-to-Use

    Intelligent circuit partitioning algorithm eliminating local option settings for usability enhancement

  • Comprehensive

    Multi-process support, post-simulation DSPF
    back-annotation check, SOA/circuit inspection, etc.


  • Memory circuit full chip timing/power/function verification

  • Transistor-level simulation verification
    of custom digital circuits

  • SOC

  • Full-chip


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