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Chip-to-Package Connectivity Verification Solution

Connectivity Verification I/O Pad Configuration Planning I/O Specification Validation

PadInspector is a unique and robust chip-to-package connectivity verification solution. 

  • Verifies integrated system connection with extraction of connectivity between chip and package design

  • Completes I/O pad configuration planning and chip-to-package connectivity verification with package design in an early stage to shorten product launch cycle

  • Seamless and robust chip-to-package connectivity verification

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  • Error-Free

    Error-free chip-to-package connectivity engagement

  • Friendly GUI

    Easy and convenient error-debugging environment

  • User-oriented

    User-oriented chip-to-package specification

  • Fast

    Fast debugging TAT to reduce long design iteration

  • Versatile

    Support various package types

  • Efficient

    Efficient communication method


  • Package design interface

  • Back-end design
    with RDL

  • IO Pad & Bump
    configuration planning

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