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Spec-Driven Modeling Automation Platform

Model Extraction Automation Platform Modeling Expert System

SDEP (Spec-Driven Extraction Platform) is an innovative modeling platform enabling a new way to shorten the model development turnaround time dramatically, also providing customers with a system to retain and inherit valuable device modeling expertise and solidify modeling know-hows.

  • Integrated with the latest technologies in model extraction from Primarius, providing a powerful platform to overcome various modeling challenges

  • Flexible APIs and flow control functions enabling modeling engineers to easily establish a flow for model extraction procedures, routine modeling works, new ideas, etc.

  • Powerful and rich APIs for data analysis, model parameter extraction, quality check, etc.

  • Reusable and continuously optimized model extraction automation process based on model experience and actual needs

  • Modeling expert system to understand model, accumulate modeling know-hows, and train modeling engineers

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  • Spec-Driven

    Fitting & QA spec co-optimization
    reduce iterations
    improve modeling efficiency & quality

  • High Efficiency

    Customable and reusable modeling process
    automatic modeling procedures
    to shorten model development TAT

  • Powerful APIs

    Better balance strategies between fitting & QA
    better parameter selection strategies
    with parameter auto-filtering function

  • Flexible GUI

    Easy and fast to build modeling process
    efficient co-optimization of model fitting,
    parameter analysis & optimization, and model QA

  • Know-Hows

    Standardized modeling process
    easy to retain and optimize continuously
    inherit valuable modeling expertise

  • Easy-to-Use

    User-friendly GUI
    no programming skill needed
    to build up a complicated flow


  • SPICE model library development & analysis

  • Modeling

  • Modeling

  • Accelerate


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