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Primarius Testing Service Department has worked on service projects with industry-leading customers for many years, including large-scale testing service projects with tens of thousands of testing hours annually, during which we accumulated engineering experiences and achieved good reputation, trust and praise from customers. 

  • Providing flexible and diversified one-stop testing solutions, supporting parallel testing and ultra-large throughput testing

  • Established a set of efficient and scientific service processes and management methods based on years of testing experiences to provide reliable and professional testing services and training courses

  • Equipped with numerous advanced semiconductor testing and analysis systems

  • Established a public technology platform based on Big Data and AI

  • Supports manual and automatic semiconductor testing, millimeter wave RF device testing, and performance characterization testing of 12-inch wafers 

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  • Advanced

    Equipped with global-leading
    testing equipment and devices

  • Professional

    Expert team providing engineering service
    to industry-leading customers for over 10 years

  • Reliable

    Providing flexible, diversified, accurate and
    reliable testing solutions in full coverage


  • Advanced
    quality evaluation

  • SPICE Model

  • Process and device
    reliability testing
    and evaluation

  • IC

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