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Process and Design Verification Platform

Modeling QA Process Verification DTCO

ME-Pro is an innovative design verification platform that bridges IC design and semiconductor manufacturing process development, which uses SPICE model library as input for process/device/circuit simulation and analysis, verification and evaluation, and interactive design optimization.

  • Supports device model simulation analysis and validation, performance evaluation of process platforms, evaluation and benchmarking of multiple process platforms or their revisions, and design interaction of process/device/circuit

  • User-friendly GUI and simple operation enables users to fully explore the potential of the process platform, effectively enhancing product design competitiveness, and providing targeted feedback to improve manufacturing process development

  • Hundreds of simulation verification technology parameters and evaluation templates based on rich industry experiences

  • Built-in NanoSpice simulator utilizes advanced parallel computing algorithms to significantly improve evaluation and analysis efficiency

  • Systematic evaluation of semiconductor device, process, and circuit

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  • Efficient

    Rapidly analyze and
    validate SPICE model
    to ensure quality and accuracy

  • Professional

    Professional know-how
    built-in with pre-configured templates
    quick to build validation & evaluation process

  • Easy-to-use

    Intuitive GUI
    efficient configuration of evaluation projects
    batch generation of verification/evaluation reports

  • Systematic

    Systematic evaluation of
    device/circuit targets
    improve IC design & process interaction efficiency

  • Fast Simulation

    Build-in NanoSpice engine for parallel simulation
    efficient simulation analysis & verification
    improve evaluation & analysis efficiency

  • DTCO

    Common verification platform for
    IC designers, CAD engineers, process developers,
    SPICE modeling and PDK engineers


  • Modeling

  • Model
    evaluation &

  • Process
    evaluation &

  • Critical circuit performance evaluation


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