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Ultra-high Voltage Power Device Compound Semiconductor Device Super-conducting Quantum Device

Primarius actively arranges new devices and innovative application-oriented EDA solutions for high-voltage/ultra-high voltage power devices, third-generation compound semiconductor devices, super-conducting quantum, and ultra-low temperature MOS. 

  • Overall solutions of testing, modeling, and simulation for HV/UHV power devices

  • Reliability tests for high-voltage power devices

  • Complete modeling services for third-generation compound semiconductor devices in RF communications and other applications

  • Modelig and simulation solutions for super-conducting ICs and quantum communication 

  • Modeling services for MOS devices and basis for their circuits and new applications under ultra-low temperature (4K) conditions

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  • Advanced

    New device EDA solutions
    high-voltage/ultra-high voltage power devices, etc.

  • Innovative

    Innovative application-oriented EDA solutions
    for new materials/devices/new applications

  • Complete

    Providing complete
    new device modeling service


  • Process research & development

  • Process evaluation & verification

  • Talent

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